Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Culture? introducing Blanca...

...Sometimes a girl needs to have something new, and we do like it colourful, girly and affordable. Blanca is making just this, and her purses, jewlery and collars are simply lovely. See what Blanca has to say about her work and thoughts around it here in culture? today. So get yourself a little gift or someone you think deserves a little something, something....
...Here it is, your shot of culture with culture?..

-Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself name, age, where you are from etc?Hi, my name is Blanca and I'm from Madrid, recently living in London after three years in Barcelona.

-How did the idea for the store and the products start?Before ulalá, I was always making crafts. My parents had a haberdashery, so I grew up surrounded by zippers, ribbons, buttons and all that kind of stuff. Ulalá began almost four years ago, I had came back to Madrid from studying a year in another city and that was the moment. I started making atomium rings since almost the beginning, but I also love sewing bags and purses...It's difficult for me to focuse at only one kind of items.

-Have you gone to art school, if yes where did you go and what did you study? My university studies are not related with art, but I attended a design school for a Pattern Design course and I also took screensprinting, bookbinding, painting courses...I'm also self-educated in other areas such as photography. It's always good to explore and investigate in different (art) camps, inspiration comes from everywhere.

-What makes you happy? I really enjoy crafts, comments from people who likes my products make me very happy. Sunny days, watch a good film or an episode of one my favourites series, go on a picnic or just walk.

- Where can my readers see your work?I'm starting a blog  www.handmadebyulala.com and they will sure find me in my online shop www.ulala.etsy.com .

culture? Blanca!

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  1. Really like Blanca's work, especially my leather bow necklace I bought from the etsy shop and the colour combinations and shapes in her bags!
    Lovely work, keep making! :)


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