Sunday, 5 December 2010

Culture? introducing Glasha Mandarinkina..

..Today is Glasha Mandarinkina our monday artist. I have been saving Glasha for a monday, simply because her work fits very good with the monday-feel. Her work is a little bit fragile, a little sleepy and a little dreamy. Glasha is also sharing toughts around her work. So here it is, your daily shot at art with Glasha Mandarinkina:

My name is Glasha Mandarinkina
The full name is Glafira
i was born in Russia in a very small town Magnitogorsk.
When i was 22 years old i decided to change my life and so i moved in St.Petersburg.
It's a well-known Russian city.
About 6 mln ppl
Now i'm 23 and it means that i have lived alone for about a year
It's cool to live in the city like this but i miss my parents very much

I started drawing and taking pictures just for fun

My inspiration is early mornings, the white colour and the people i love

My work you can see here:

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