Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Culture? introducing Leona Leonych..

..Todays feature are the thin girls of Leona Leonych. The work is very contemporary, and that we can appreciate. Leona is telling us a little about her thoughts around her work, so happy reading..
..Here it is, your daily shot of art with Leona Leonych:

Greetings from Belarus! I'm 21, live in Minsk and study here at the
Academy of Arts in the fourth year where I special in graphic design.

Drew the skinny girls before, but somewhat differently. Since the
stain clean, then any paper I started on, as soon as I learned to keep a
pencil in hand, my parents took me to a local art school. I was only
9, and there I began to instill a sense of beauty.

Taught academic
drawing and painting, was also a special subject of the composition,
developing a personality kiddies, so to not get lost in the academic.
I was lucky with this school, because the teachers there did not
indifferent to the children, they now teach, and the school continues
to get seats on the children's competitions from around the world.

Inspiring stuff: photography, illustration, fashion, graphic design.
Gather a collection of my favorite authors, I add a <<favorites>> on
flickr, I happen to design blogs. While not working, it is doing
something on the order, but I would like to draw for magazines, I
think that this much freedom. I just want this to achieve something
weighty and substantial. I like the creativity of Jeannie Phan, it is
a terrific illustrator and graphic artist, her art is amazing.
Belarusian very famous painter schedule illustrator Paul Tatarnikov
inspires deep work, incredible energy and love, which is done every
job. I sing the song, considering the typography of Jessica Hische a
very feminine font plastics compositions. Also beautiful babes from
orsadilka, magical little lady, I love them. Like collage and
graphics, Eduardo Recife, stylish, fun and funny.
I love gay people - they talk a lot, and remove not sad. Many ideas
come to mind as a result of boltavni here with a unique wit. I love to
cook, write new words, writing, laughing, walking through the streets
and the internet, travel, meet interesting people and making gifts.

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