Saturday, 16 April 2011

Culture? introducing Paxplass..

.....Each saturday, culture? will have a small feature on either fashion, interior, beauty, movies, music or books..This week we are going to the small store, Paxplass in Vestfossen Norway. They do have an onlinestore as well, so all you readers around the world can buy from Paxplass too..

..Slippers from Marocco..

..Dress from Noa Noa..

..The lovely cup..

-Could you tell the readers a little bit about how PAXPLASS came to be and who is behind it?Paxplass is a lifestyle-store both online and in store placed localy in Vestfossen Norway. We have beautiful gifts and clothes.
"Pax" means peace in latin, and with paxplass I have wanted to create a place that allowes you to come and have peacful thoughts and feelings, a place that inspires to be good to yourself and others.
The onlinestore is build to make it easy for you to send a gift with thought, here you can buy beautiful, readymade gifts that we wrap, writes a lovely card and sends directly to the recipient.
The store is located in an old house from circa year1900, in the middle of tiny Vestfossen, you are very welcome to come and have a look. It is a bright, friendly and peacful place to be.
Both the products and the clothes are picked out on the note that they should be good quality and estetic. I want the clothes to be made with naturale materials like wool, silk, cotton etc, and at the same time at an affordable price. Paxplass is getting known for its beatiful, handmade cups made by different artists. "The beatiful cup" is a statement I have in mind for Paxplass; I want to share the joy of a beautiful and good cup with my clients. You can read more about my thoughts around this here: (in norwegian)

-Who is your target-costumer?She is a consious women who has a strong wish to fill her life -both in her own and in others - by doing the things that are beautiful and good. This is a store for the modern and consious women, she hwo has a busy day, and hwo don`t always have to go looking for the perfect gifts. She can go to our onlinestore or to the store and have arranged great presents to her friends, and be sure that she is well taken care of. She can be sure to have a place to find great looking clothes, to balance her interior without the largest investments, and here she can go to theme-nights that are so nice and inspiering.

-What brands do you sell?- Noa Noa, Le Palais des Thés, Björk & Berries, Fitjar Såpekokeri, Froy & Dind, Divine, Anna Östberg, Maria Liliegren, Randi Selstad, Lillann Svendsrud, Elise Hatlø, Sigfrid Sannes and Willow Lane.

-Where can the readers find you, adress, homepage, opening hours etc?
Storgata 29
3320 Vestfossen
+47 91787935
Opening Hours: Mon-fri 10-1630; Sat 10 - 14



Culture? appreciate you`re toughts.