Friday, 29 July 2011

Culture? introducing Nom Kinnear King..

..Today we are visited by the one and only Nom Kinnear King. Nom`s work is static, yet full of expression. Nom is telling us about her art and her thoughts around it today. Enjoy, relax and have a great weekend!
Here it is, you`re shot of art with Nom Kinnear King..

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
My Name is Nom Kinnear King, im 29, Im from Norfolk, England, where me and my partner fellow artist Adam have been living again the last year and a half,we are soon moving to the city of Brighton, where we have lived before, so are looking forward to being back arround all the people again.

Ive loved being creative since i was little, making all sorts of things and drawing, I always had a notebooks on the go.

My dad loves France and art so he used to taken me over there to gallerys and places like van goghs asylum and cezannes mountains, so i got a great introduction to art though him.

Art is my full time job, you have to be thrifty and plan ahead, because you cant really predict when things are going to happen, but it comes with the teritory and i love painting all day long.

 Ive done lots of different random jobs previously my favourite was cleaning a big old building because i could walk around vacuming thinking of paintings and stories.

I went to Norwich art school, and did a print and photo media degree. when i finished i got straight back into making drawings and paintings again.

I find inspiration in all the things in life i fall for often its objects i come across, lately since beinng back near my folks in norfolk, ive been using the things i always loved growing up in the house like my mums old butter churn.

Films ,music and books also play into things, i'm currently making a piece that draws inspirations from the a French film i watched when i was younger, the main character manon is a goat herder, for some reason i love goats.

Its hard to pick a favorite artist, there are many individual paintings that strike a cord and there are some artists i love for there character as well as there work like frieda kahlo and Marc Chagall, and enjoy to read about there lives and the way there work evolves though where they go and what they do.

There are also many artist working today that i love sylvia ji, Amy Sol and Shaun Tan, I have his book 'The Arrival', every
page is icredibly detailed and he creates such an atmosphere to the story through his drawings.

Online you can see my work on my website and through the Just Another Agency (Melbourne),
Fine Grime (Bath) and the London Miles (London)

culture? Nom Kinnear King!


  1. Your paintings are amazing. Your are a great master of eyes! I was so moved by your work that I visited your website too. I really like the 1st image above, and a painting on your website called the night walker (2010). Your drawings are also excellent. Good luck with your career:)

  2. excellent work! i'm a big fan on Nom Kinnear King


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