Saturday, 14 July 2012

Culture? introducing Sale Baby!...NOTE: DO NOT BUY, THEY ARE SQUEAKY!!!

NOTE: I had to return these because they make the most incredible squeaky noise! I tried to walk on them many times at home, but this would not be comfortable to walk with on the street. Well, live and learn. It is rather disappointing that Acne did send out squeaky shoes, but I did after some back and forward get my money back..To bad since they are SO good-looking!

 ....Well, well, well remember this little bit about the Acne-shoes I fell in love with, but could not even think of affording?
 Today was my lucky day, I found them on sale. Horray for sale, and for being the happy owner of these babies! Not only did I get these, but I got my first iPhone from my darling husband as a pre-birthdaygift. The sun has even paid us a rare visit after weeks with rain, what a lucky girl! Happy sale to you all, wish you all the same luck as me...


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  1. Acne <3 I love acne, but I just can't afford it. :/


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