Saturday, 27 November 2010

Culture? presenting Camilla Engman...

..Camilla Engman is yet another favourite of mine. Everytime she makes a post with new images I am amazed. It is always funny, new-thinking, modern, interesting etc, etc the list is endless. Camilla is working a lot at the moment, so she did not have the time for interview, but she has been kind enough to lend Culture? some of her work.
...So here is you`re daily shot at art with the great Camilla Engman:


..Always keep you`re shoes absolute favourite.

..Looking for change..

..Paper faces..


..Häpp..(jump)..Camilla`s dog Morran...

...It is raining sun..I love this picture, what a great shot!..

..Breathing is neseccery and so easily stopped..I do think Camilla has a great strengt in composition..

...The collectors..


..Dear Santa, this is what I want for christmas..

For more info and art, visit:

Wish you all a great weekend, and remember to tell you`re friends and family about Culture?

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