Sunday, 12 December 2010

Culture? introducing Marta Wawryszuk...

..Today we are pesented Marta Wawryszuk`s work. Marta`s drawings are fun and easy to like. The texture of the details is amazing, and the black and white is great. Marta is telling us some of her toughts around her work, so enjoy. Here it is, your daily shot at art with Marta Wawryszuk:

My name is Marta, I'm living in UK in London where I am doing my Masters at Camberwell Collage of Arts. Orginally I came from Wroclaw in Poland and I moved to UK four years ago to study illustration.
I used to be envolved in organising art events and lots of my friends were graphic designers and street artists after a while I just felt need to draw and express myself through drawings
At the moment I spend lots of time on my studies but I whish in future to work full time as illustrator.
My illustrations are related to what I see, what I read or what I listen to. Some of the stories are partly based on some stories that happened to me or my friends and some are just pure imagination. I'm trying not to limit myself and draw what I find ineresting
There is many artists I look on. At the moment I just fell in love with work by Fornasetti.
Most of my work can be view online, from time to time I am selling it in shops and events. Recently they have been sold at Contemporary Istanbul art fair.

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