Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Culture? introducing Nicolas Guittard..

..We have the great Nicolas Guittard with us today. His paintings are like the modern version of the classical portriat. He has a sadness in the paintings, and combined with that they are in some sense strange, it really works. Nicolas is telling us about his work today, so keep on reading. Here it is; your daily shot at art featuring Nicolas Guittard:

...Celle qui fume..


..Le cerises..

..Les citrones..



+My name is Nicolas Guittard (ORES), and I'm 28.
I live and work in Lille (north of France)

+Since i'm a child, i've always loved to draw and paint. As a teen, street art and grafiti became my first direct experience with art, wich still influences me.

+Today, my paintings is a fulltime job, but I have other art inclinations like: photos, vidéos grafik design and my gallery.

+I indeed went to art school in Paris, but to become an architect.

+I have so many differents and various influences, that I have many favorites artists...
I could as well be influenced by a photographer than by film director or XIXthC painter.
But I'm mainly influenced & inspired by my everyday's life.

+My work is visible on internet:
BLOG/ (for news)
And I also have astudio & a personal gallery in Lille (STUDIO GALLERY ORES 23 rue Littré 59000 Lille), where everybody is welcome & where I'll be glad to share my universe.

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