Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Culture? introducing Silvia Gil...

...Today we need the soft touch of a summer-breeze, and who better to give us that sensation that Silvia Gil. The work is fresh, young and with a hint of summer. I give you her work and toughts. Here it is, your daily shot of art with the great Silvia Gil:


..L'amour at first sight..

..Le retour du soleil..

..Never marry an artist..

..Sugar free gum..

-Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, name, what country you live in, age etc?
My name is Silvia, I’m 24 and I live in Spain. I’m graduated in English studies but a year ago I told Shakespeare to f*** off and started to follow my natural vocation for arts and design.

-What inspired you to start taking photos and making pictures?
I’ve always felt the need to express myself through any kind of art, I used to write short stories and then I jumped to visual art. Making drawings is something that I’ve always loved, some of them have a meaning, others are made just for visual beauty. My affair with photography started about 3 years ago in an attempt to create portraits of me and my friends a little bit more interesting than the typical ones. I’m still a complete amateur in this matter but I have lots of fun taking pics.

-Is making art your fulltime job, and if not, what else do you do?
I’m studying Graphic Design and I would love to work for an agency in the near future or, failing that, as a freelance. I’m working on a tshirt design project at the moment, and if everything works out as I expect I will start selling on Etsy in 2011.

-Where do you find inspiration?
As far as I remember I’ve always collected every piece of art that fell into my hands, I used to cut small drawings or inspiring pictures that I saw in magazines and put them on my wall. I think I have a huge visual background and a mental library full of designs I’ve seen, patterns, drawings, typographies, etc. I tend to create my own designs taking this background into account, making a "collage" of the tendencies that I love most.
Also Flickr was a very inspiring site for me, I can spend hours watching the work of amateur photographers and illustrators, they are so full of creativity and spontaneity, sometimes even more than professional and well-known artists.

-Do you have a favorite artist and if so who and why?
I have a huge list of artists that I admire, from modern graphic designers to Pre Raphaelite painters but if I would have to say just one, that will be Frida Kahlo. I love what I know of her as a woman and also her work as an artist, the way she represents her pain, her strength and passion for living is what I find captivating.

-Where can my readers see your work?
You can see part of my work on


  1. Very nice work from a very nice lady. Really looking for those tshirts.

  2. Me too:) Thanks for leaving a comment.


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