Monday, 24 January 2011

Culture? introducing Mayken..

..Todays feature, does not only have great work, she also has a great name; Mayken. Mayken`s art is very well made, fun and creative, I was an instant fan and I am guessing a lot of you readers will be too. Mayken has kindly answered some questions for the readers of culture?, so I wish you all a happy reading and a happy tuesday..
..Here it is, your daily shot of art featuring Mayken:

..Ginger lady with socks..

..Mayken accesories..

..Postcards YOU CAN WIN, see: to see how..

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, name, what country you live in, age etc?
My name is Mayken, and I’m glad it is. It occurs only rarely and it looks pretty good on paper. I live in Antwerp, where I share a great appartment with my boyfriend, a lot of plants, books and yarn.

-What inspired you to start being creative?
It’s in my family, it’s in my character. As a kid I used to spend my days in my room tinkering and experimenting with beads, clay, paper and pens. I drew knobby-kneed sheep and girls growing their hair at the hairdresser’s.
Nowadays I still draw a lot of girls, but in a more conscious way, trying to make them more interesting. I grab every chance to broaden my horizons, tackle new subjects, gather more techniques. I draw, I paint, I knit, I sew, I cook, I photograph, I blog and make jewellery. Without these things I would be a grumpy, lifeless person.

-Is making art your fulltime job, and if not, what else do you do?
I have a university degree in English/Spanish and Cultural Studies. I never studied anything artsy/craftsy, although that’s my true passion and I’m sure I will end up doing something in that direction. I guess I was too young and not as motivated yet when I had to choose my studies. But I don’t regret it, I like finding things out myself although it’s a slow and difficult way sometimes.
Right now I combine a part-time job at Petit Bateau with one day’s work for a small editorial of wonderful comics and graphic novels called Bries and a knitting and sewing night course. My spare time goes to my own little projects. I just got my first illustration commission, just had my first postcards printed and I’m knitting my first sweater. A lot of exciting firsts, that is!

-Where do you find inspiration?
In empty moments. In my head. In the paper scraps, books, magazines, materials and picture collections I’m hoarding. I have a predilection for old photographs, stories, fashion, crafts and faces.

-Do you have a favorite artist and if so who and why?

Since I’m an obsessive image hunter, I have a lot of favourites. But if I’d have to pick only one, that would certainly be Egon Schiele. His drawings are simple yet rich, distorted yet so damn right. There’s not much more to be said.

-Where can my readers see you`re work?
My blog is the most up-to-date and complete –
Then there’s my website, where you can also see my older stuff –
And then there’s the shop, which will be refilled soon –

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