Sunday, 23 January 2011

Culture? introducing Lo Chiao-ling..

..It is with great pride I introduce todays artist; Lo Chiao-ling. Lo has theese fantastic figures, that are so creative and fun. I became an instant fan when I stumbled across Lo`s work, it is just great. Lo is telling us some thoughts around her work today, so happy reading and happy sunday...
...So here it is, your daily shot of art with Lo Chiao-ling:

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, name, what country you live in, age etc?Lo,chiao-ling (?_???c) works and lives in Taipei Taiwan. Born 1981

-What inspired you to start being creative?I don't really know. I just love to do these things.maybe creating let me feel free and faithful.

-Is making art your fulltime job, and if not, what else do you do?Yes! It is my full-time job.

-Have you gone to art school, if yes where did you go and what did you study?Yes! I went to Taipei National University of the Arts.I studied Fine Arts and Mixed media.

-Where do you find inspiration?My inspiration is comes form every little things of my life...My family,My friends and some strangers...

-Do you have a favorite artist and if so who and why?My favorite artist is Yoshitomo Nara. Because he makes me feel warm and passion. -Where can my readers see you`re work?

culture? Lo Chiao-ling!


  1. These are really lovely. Vivid and bold colours are brilliant!

  2. I do agree, they are so great! Thanks for stopping by:)


Culture? appreciate you`re toughts.