Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Culture? introducing Ana María López..

..Today`s feature is the one and only Ana Maria Lopez. Ana has a very contemporary style, spiced with humor and rawness. This is a very succsessful recipe. Ana Maria is telling us a little about herself and her work today, so I wish you all a happy look and read..
..Here it is, your (almost) daily shot of art with Ana Maria Lopez:


My Name is Ana María López
I'm from Medellín - Colombia in South america.
I'm 30 years old.
I love dogs.
My father was my first art teacher since I was a little girl.
I love to draw.
I love music.
I still live with my mother, my sister and my dog.
I draw everyday.

As an illustrator I have many styles of drawing, but I create a spetial character that is maybe the most important in my work, is my alter ego, her name is CABIZBAJA.
I create "cabizbaja" (wich means sad, downcast, crestfallen) in a heartbreak. Cabizbaja is a little girl that feels like a big woman, she smokes cigarrettes, sometimes hates men, sometimes loves them. And sometimes is the opposite: a woman with feelings of a little girl, is a big woman that enjoys eating icecream forever.
what inspires me is what i feel in my heart, what i think about somethings in life like relationship, love, hate, being happy. My work has always tenderness, childish, fun, sarcasm, angry and the game between little girl and big woman feelings.

I work in a global advertising agency: TBWA. I work fulltime as an art director and graphic designer of many colombian female brands. All my work has always the woman as central theme. (a sanitary napkins brand, makeup, female fashion apparel, etc.)
When I am in home i start to draw.


I began to draw because my father was a publicist and illustrator too and he teached me, but i studied graphic design in Colegiatura Colombiana de Diseño here in Medellín.

I love Yoshitomo Nara, mark Ryden and Gary Baseman, their works has all the things that i identify myself and my work with: Childish, tenderness, irony, dissapointment, fun, madness, etc.

Readers can find my work in my flickr.
Soon in my web
And in the Books below:
"The garden of eye candy" Gingko press.
" The Little Book of kawaii".

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