Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Culture? introducing Robin Cottage..

..On this fine wednesday morning, I have the pleasure of introducing Robin Cottage. Robin is answering some questions around his work, so I wish you all happy reading..
..Here it is, your (almost) daily shot of art with Robin Cottage:

..Branch of a birch..

..Coffee cat..

..Dachshund family..

..The cottage..

..Two robins at the shore..

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, name, what country you live in, age etc?
I’m robin cottage, a 31 year old illustrator based in Berlin.

-What inspired you to start being creative?
I started drawing when I was little and since then have done thousands of drawings and collages. Some I give away to my friends, some I send to customers and some I just hang on the walls of my little cottage in a rural suburban area of Berlin.

-Is making art your fulltime job, and if not, what else do you do?
I always try to work as fast as possible to avoid having to work full-time. I enjoy spending any free time watching birds out in the woods.

-Have you gone to art school, if yes where did you go and what did you study?
I went to art school in Marseille and Vancouver.

-Where do you find inspiration?
I love when birds come around and sit on my windowsill. Also I love to be out in the woods and to walk through parks, to watch movies, visit art exhibitions as well as to scroll through artist books.

-Do you have a favourite artist and if so who and why?
I love the works of Abner Graboff. Especially his book "The No-Sort-of-Animal" due to its reduced illustrations which have such a good and subtle sense of humour. I also love Leo Lionnis works. His illustrations are nicely composed and his different ways of using paper like cutting, ripping and marbling it as well as drawing on it and then putting different parts together in one illustration. Also I love the work of Hilde Krüger, a barely known German artist. She illustrated the amazing children’s book "Der Widiwondelwold" where all figures are composed of triangles. Another hardly known German Artist is Lilly Hildebrandt. Her experimental book "Klein-Rainers Weltreise" is based on paper-cuttings of coloured paper which show abstracted geometrical figures which are brilliantly composed.

-Where can my readers see your work?

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