Sunday, 6 March 2011

Culture? introducing Kenji Matsubara..

..On this sunny sunday morning we have with us the great artist Kenji Matsubara. Kenji`s work is calm, dreamy and light. Kenji is telling us a little bit about himself and his work today, so I hope you all enjoy..
..Here it is, your shot of art with Kenji Matsubara:





Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, name, what country you live in, age etc?Hello, my name is Kenji Matsubara, 53 years old. I am living with my
wife and Java sparrow in Kamakura, Japan.

> What inspired you to start being creative?The cartoon that I was reading when I am a child might be a start.

>Is making art your fulltime job, and if not, what else do you do?I am a freelance illustrator since1990, and sometime, the teacher of the colored pencil work at art school.

>Have you gone to art school, if yes where did you go and what did you study?I graduated fromTokyo Zokei University, studied Interior Design.

>Where do you find inspiration?nature, movie, picture, magazine, novel, works of various artists and
flickr :)

>Do you have a favorite artist and if so who and why?Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Fernand Khnopff, Robert Heindel,
I love their styles, colors, tones, lines, touch, women, girls,
composition, mood,

culture? Kenji Matsubara!

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