Sunday, 22 May 2011

Culture? introducing Olga Nekhodova..

..Our feature today is the fantastic Olga Nekhodova. Olga`s work is of such high quality, the compositions, the expressions it`s just great. The work of Olga is of the type that will sustain time. Olga is telling us about herself and her art today, so take the time to enjoy and take it in..
..Here it is, your shot of art with Olga Nekhodova:

My name is OlgaNekhodova. I`m 25 and I live in St. Petersburg, Russia
I started drawing when Itook a pencil for the first time and I continue practicing it and improving myskills.
Now I’m an architect.This is my job and that`s how I make my bread. But all my free time I tryto use for painting and in future I`mplanning to devote my life to painting.
I studied painting inthe junior school of arts. Then I graduated from the State Academy orArchitecture and Art in Novosibirsk.
My inspiration dependson many things. Sometimes it`s a movie, sometimes it`s an exhibition, webimpressions, music. I like the movie called «2001: A Space Odyssey» directed byS. Kubrick and Wes Anderson films. As for music, I prefer Mum band from Iceland.
I like works of JeremyGeddes for his real image and fantasy in each picture. Ian Francis`paintings and graphical works are lightand expressive and every single spot in it is fascinating. I would love to seethese masterpieces. I also like Vania Zouravliov graphics and many many otherpainters.
To see my works youcould visit

culture? Olga Nekhodova!

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