Sunday, 4 March 2012

Culture? introducing mini-feature with Leo Espinosa..

...Sometimes I just fell head over heels for a single picture/drawing, and when I do I contact the artist to ask about the origin of this specific piece. Today Leo Espinosa is in the spotlight, with this great drawing, read under to see what is behind this drawing, and do have a fantastic Sunday!...



-How did this drawing come to life?
-it's about where one wants to go and where one has to.

-What makes you happy?
-Spending time with my family makes me very happy. riding my bike or hiking with my dog does the trick too. Drawing of course takes me to a happy place. Doing something for someone else is a good way to get the warm fuzzies. Also, cooking makes me very happy lately.

-Where can the readers of culture? see your work?
-my work can be seen on my (sorry, but very outdated) website

on my blog:

and more personal stuff on my Flickr:
-What inspires you?
-Many things inspire me. I would say that a good mix of music, art, design, cartoons, comics, literature, film, nature and my every day life are a balanced diet of inspiration

Culture? Leo Espinosa!

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