Thursday, 8 March 2012

Culture? introducing mini-feature with Mònika Sánchez Gómez...

...Once in a while I fall just complitely for a single shot, and just do not seem to get it out of my mind. Today`s pic is from the ever so sweet Mónica Sánchez Gómez. I do love the sort of vintage-feel, the composition is striking and the cool. I can almost smell the chill breeze from the ocean, the salty air and the sound of seagulls in the distance. The picture has a distance to the viewer, it simply fantastic...This is your shot of art, with:

Mónica Sánchez Gómez

-How did this picture come to life?
Sometimes I meet with friends and we take pictures. I think It was an afternoon an autumn day, one year ago. I went to Port, near Barcelona with two friends and we took pictures. She is Mari Luz, a good friend of mine.

-What makes you happy?
I guess the same of a lot of people: my boyfriend, friends, family, read books, watch good movies, spring, learn, know interesting people, sugar, walk, take pictures ...

-Where can the readers of culture? find your work?
In my flickr
I made this small book

culture? Mónica Sánchez Gómez!

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