Saturday, 7 April 2012

Culture? introducing first Flickr-feature with Gloria Endres de Oliveira...

..I have been a keen user of Flickr for many years now, and I simply love it. Have been a bit slow with the whole twitter, facebook stuff, but now; it is on! Culture? has gotten it`s own Flickr-group we♥culture? and I hope you all come join. As you might also know Culture? is on Facebook and Twitter, scroll down to see link in toolbar. Today is the first participant from we♥culture? on Flickr, and lucky for us; it looks great! The talented artist Gloria tells us a little bit about the picture and how it came to life, I think it is so raw and vintage-looking, and it has such strengt, fantastic!..Here it is, your shot of art with Culture?...


-Who are you?
My name is Gloria, I just turned 22 years old and I live in Berlin. I'm no good at answering that question since I never know what to prioritise in my self-description, so I'll leave it at that.

-How did this picture come to life?
Anne, the little blond fairy and I rummaged through this very nice park in Berlin, which isn't like your everyday park at all - it's more like a vast, wild and eclectic patch of nature, with many tall trees, willows and clearings. We found this strange, gnarly and naked tree and Anne was wearing a chiffon flower on her head that she'd found in my apartment. Standing amidst the branches, it instantly seemed like the gnarly tree was blossoming, spawning a grumpy little flower-child.
-What makes you happy?
Happiness is fleeting and more often than not you only notice it in hindsight - and then I find myself cheered up by "the small things" (as Troy in Reality Bites would say) such as cute animals, pastel coloured candy/candy coloured everything, My Neighbour Totoro, green tea daifuku. A "not so small" thing that has the capability of making me happy is achieving success (in any given form) with the things I create and truly believe in. That feels good.
-Do you have a web-page?


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