Saturday, 18 December 2010

Culture? introducing Erika Kuhn...

..Todays feature is the fabulous Erika Kuhn. Erika has a rather powerful line in her drawings, this makes the expression very strong. The whimsical theme`s works great with theese hard lines. Erika is telling us some toughts around here work, so have a great read. So here it is, your daily shot at art with Erika Kuhn:

..La perversa..

..In case of loss, please return..


..Tuyo, tu-yo.. 

..Tecnica de arrastre ligero en barco..

..Otra vez el pajaro al trigo..

I am Mexican, and I am a visual artist, just finished a master in art and I think that being an artist is not a being, but a way of being. The artist is not a privileged being, but one that favors life, this I learned from artists such as Roman Opalka, On Kawara, Sophie Calle, etc, where everyday actions performed as part of their daily lives are their own artistic production
For me, the drawing is another form of writing, the way I write my diaries and record the time and events the result of my contact with the world
Erika Kuhn

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