Thursday, 8 September 2011

Culture? introducing exhibition with Guim Tio..

..If you are in Barcelona, I highly recomend you to take a look at Guim Tio`s exhibition "The gang of childhood" that opens today September 8. Guim`s work is so great, and I would love for you all to see it live. Guim has been interviewed by culture? a while back and you can read the interview and see some of his work here. For more information about the show, see Guim`s invitation under poster. Best of luck with the show Guim, culture? loves your work!...

On Thursday, September 8, I present the exhibition The Gang of Childhood in the Gallery Arteva Barcelona. I would love to celebrate with you.
The direction of the gallery is the Crèdit Passatge No. 4 (Metro Jaume I)
-Guim Tio-

culture? Guim Tio!

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